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  • Antonio Buitrago

    Antonio Buitrago

  • Finsi Ennes

    Finsi Ennes

    iOS Developer. Passionate about coding and UX design. For more content, you can follow me on Instagram @finsi.code

  • Simone Jeurissen

    Simone Jeurissen

    Head of data management consultancy at INDICA NL (she/her)

  • Suhail Hammad

    Suhail Hammad

    Working and interested in Elections, Management, and Technology. Holding BCS and MBA degrees, working in Elections IT Management.

  • Cynthia Johnson

    Cynthia Johnson

  • Josemanuel Fraga Lopez

    Josemanuel Fraga Lopez

  • Jim Barlow

    Jim Barlow

    I think, build, learn, write and advise with and about data. beepbeep.technology

  • Joy Stevens

    Joy Stevens

    Writer. Creator. Mother. Wife.

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