Discover how small and medium-sized businesses can also extract value from data

Since I started writing on Medium, I have focused on the value that data have. In articles like “How much is your firm losing because of poor data quality”, “What is Business Analytics?”, or “This is how the data that will change your business is processed” we have explored data…

What customer-centricity approach is and how customer analytics can help

In this week’s article, we are going to talk about a slightly different topic than what we have been dealing with in the previous weeks. We will stop talking about “data in the cloud” for now to talk about how data can help us to better understand our customers.
You will…

Understanding the cloud models and the shared responsibility with the service provider

In this second article on the data in the cloud series, we’re going to explore one interesting concept that has emerged in the cloud: the shared responsibility model. When thinking about moving to the cloud, you should first understand the different cloud options and how this will affect your organization…

From questions to answers, an explanation of the complete data analysis process

In my last article, What is Business Analytics? An understandable explanation of what analytics is and what types there are, we defined that word that appears everywhere today: analytics. Also, we have identified 5 different types, which has helped us better understand how we can find answers to different question…

Samuel Fraga Mateos

Restorative, entrepreneur, strategic, and futurist. Engineer with a technological background who love business, finance, and strategy.

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